Psychotherapy in Ireland Book

4th Edition
Edward Boyne
Foreword by Vincent Browne
The Columba Press
264pp 210mm
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Click hereThe area of psychotherapy in Ireland has grown considerably in recent years. It is a diverse and complex area with many different approaches and treatments available. In this volume twelve leading practitioners of psychotherapy, working in Ireland, offer an overview of the approach or school of psychotherapy which is within their competence. They also offer an indication of their individual perspective or style and, in some cases, of the way they combine, or are informed by, different approaches within their practice. The essays are written in clear, non-technical language and all case studies are set in an Irish context.

This book, first published in 1993 and now in its 4th revised edition has become the standard and much respected textbook for the field of psychotherapy in Ireland. It will be of interest to members of the caring professions, to students, prospective students and practitioners of psychotherapy and counselling, to public policy makers and to those who wish to avail of psychotherapy for themselves.

Edward Boyne is a psychotherapist and Director of Training at the Tivoli Institute (which offers training in psychotherapy to MSc level in collaboration with the University of Sheffield) based in Dublin and Galway. He was a member of the Minister for Health's Expert Group on Mental Health which produced in 2006 the well received report 'A Vision for Change' on the future of the Irish mental health services. He is currently Vice-President of the Irish Association for Psychotherapy in Primary Care and has been closely involved with other professional bodies in the field of psychotherapy.